Case of the Month


Case of the Month (previously Case of the Quarter) is a collection of studies selected from interesting cases at the PET Imaging Centre at St Thomas' Hospital. It is designed to provide examples of important teaching cases and unusual phenomena and to discover whether other institutions have made similar observations. The cases are interactive and contain PET, CT and fused images. We encourage others to share the experience they have had in assessing any of these appearances and any evidence they have of the underlying causes.

Each month a new case will be uploaded to this website and be shown on the left hand side. Each case is structured to give a a textual description with an additional interactive Hermes HybridViewer to show the PET and CT images of the study.

The Hermes HybridViewer will work on multiple platforms (for example, Windows, Linux and Mac) though all will require the latest version of Java to be installed. This may need administrator rights on the computer in order to complete the installation of Java. An handbook how to use the HybridViewer can be downloaded and read by clicking here.