Case of the Quarter - 2015 Q3

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Clinical History

76-year-old male with a history of prostate cancer treated with radical prostatectomy in 2007. A biochemical recurrence in 2012 was treated with salvage radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and the patient subsequently commenced on hormone therapy.

In 2015, the patient developed upper abdominal discomfort and an ultrasound and contrast enhanced CT demonstrated a lesion in the right lobe of the liver. The case was discussed at the Prostate Cancer Multidisciplinary Meeting and a staging PET-CT scan with 18F-Choline was requested.


An 18F-Choline scan was acquired from skull base to upper thighs together with low dose CT scan for attenuation correction and image fusion.

There is a 4 cm low-attenuation lesion in the right lobe of the liver that shows peripheral increased choline activity with central photopenia. No other choline avid liver lesions are seen.

There is no abnormal uptake in the prostate bed and no choline avid pelvic or retroperitoneal lymph nodes. No other visceral or skeletal sites of abnormal choline activity are demonstrated.


Scan findings are in keeping with a solitary liver metastasis. There is no evidence of active metastatic disease elsewhere.

An image guided biopsy subsequently confirmed metastatic adenocarcinoma of the prostate.

Key Teaching points and Discussion


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Evidence-based Indications for the use of 18F- or 11C- Choline PET-CT in the United Kingdom 2013 - Prostate Cancer

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