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Your guide to having a PET scan

PET Scanner and Patient

Our patient service is built upon more than 20 years' experience of clinical PET scanning. Staff at the PET Imaging Centre are all experts in their particular field and together provide a quality of service that we feel is second to none.

Frequently Asked Questions

PET Centre Patient Consultation for Child and Parent

Your questions answered, from "What is PET?" through to "What should I wear for my scan?".

Patient Information Video

This video was designed specifically to cover PET scans in cancer patients, but has some helpful general information about how PET scans work, including a walk through of the process.

Patient Satisfaction Survey

All patients who visit the PET Centre are encouraged to leave feedback to help us improve the service we provide. Click here to download the results of the most recent Patient Satisfaction Survey.

Image Use

The PET Centre often looks back at the images taken to help your doctors treat your illness. This is usually to teach other doctors, or sometimes to help with research into the type of illness you are being scanned for.

Contacting and finding the centre

The department can be contacted by telephone, e-mail or post. Directions, travel information and building maps can be found here (for the PET Centre at St Thomas' Hospital), or here (for the PET Suite within the Cancer Centre at Guy's Hospital). Visit our Contact Us page for further details.

Staff Members

PET Centre Jan Reed-Stevens at Reception

Please meet the staff that you will meet when contacting and visiting the Centre here.