PET Centre Reception PET-CT Scanner with patient

With almost 30 years experience of PET and PET-CT scanning and now also PET-MR, the King's College London & Guy's and St Thomas' PET Centre provides PET services for referred patients at a local and national level and performs clinically related research. We scan over 7000 patients per year. Enhancements and refurbishments over the last five years let us be there for our patients at every step of the experience and make it as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Our PET Centre is a centre of excellence with an international reputation for delivering the best patient care, highest quality academic research, and training. We strive to make a difference for the patients we scan, and via the research we perform.

Our mission is to perform basic, translational and applied clinical PET research across all specialties including oncology, neurology/psychiatry, and cardiology. We welcome work with external collaborators, including industry. We aim to obtain the best possible quality and reliability for all studies we perform.

The Centre develops exciting PET methodology (e.g. PET-MR), and also performs cutting-edge research into innovative radiochemistry using our in-house cyclotron and our wide range of multidisciplinary expertise.

News Highlights

First Batch of Fluorine-18 Produced in the PERL

After about a decade of planning and four years of building and testing, we have reached an important milestone towards radioligand and radiotracer production from our new radiochemistry facility (PERL): This month, the new cyclotron has produced the first batch of fluorine-18. As expected, the yields are much higher than those from the existing cyclotron.

While much work remains to be done ahead of the inspection by the regulators (MHRA) in November, this is an important milestone towards full validation and the first batch of radiotracer for injection into humans, planned for the end of January 2020.