Clinical and Management Team
Alexander Hammers

Professor Alexander Hammers

Head of PET Imaging Centre and Professor of Imaging and Neuroscience

Research interests include imaging in the epilepsies and dementia, and imaging methodology, e.g. the development of simultaneous PET-MR.

Research Profile

Sally Barrington

Professor Sally Barrington

Professor of PET Imaging and NIHR Research Professor

Professor Barrington is a National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Research Professor. Her research focuses on the use of PET-guided therapy to improve the effectiveness of cancer treatment with fewer side-effects.

She is imaging lead for several multicentre national and international clinical trials testing how chemotherapy and radiotherapy can be tailored using PET to evaluate an individual patient's risk and response in haematological malignancies and other cancers. She also works closely with Clinical Oncology colleagues developing advanced imaging for radiotherapy planning to maximise the benefits of modern radiotherapy techniques with the aim of translating these into the wider NHS. Professor Barrington has a special interest in the standardisation of PET methods and is co-lead of the UK PET Research Network with Professor Marsden. The UK PET Core Lab is based at St Thomas' Hospital.

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Gary Cook

Professor Gary Cook

Professor of Clinical PET Imaging and Head of Cancer Imaging

Preclinical & clinical, evaluation of novel multimodality, multiparametric functional imaging biomarkers for cancer response assessment with a special interest in skeletal metastases and tumour heterogeneity.

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Tony Gee

Professor Tony Gee

Professor of PET Radiochemistry

Interested in the development of rapid labelling synthetic techniques with short-lived positron-emitting radionuclides, small molecule-protein/small molecule-membrane interactions, the design of PET imaging probes, and the understanding of in vivo pharmacology.

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Paul Marsden

Professor Paul Marsden

Professor of PET Physics

Research interests include hybrid PET-MR systems, motion correction of PET images and methodology for clinical and research PET studies, in oncology, cardiology and neuropsychiatry.

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Pallavi Patel

Mrs Pallavi Patel

Head of Clinical and Research PET Services

Interest in diagnostic imaging, effective and efficient service provision as well as service and project management with equipment procurement.

Vicky Goh

Professor Vicky Goh

Professor of Clinical Cancer Imaging

Interests include multimodality functional imaging of colorectal, lung and renal cell cancer as well as multi-parametric, multi-modality imaging biomarker development and assessment of tumour heterogeneity.

Research Profile

Victoria Warbey

Dr Victoria Warbey

Consultant Radiologist and Nuclear Medicine Physician

Research interests include functional imaging of Lymphoma and the use of PET in Neurofibromatosis.

Research Profile

Teresa Szyszko

Dr Teresa Szyszko

Consultant Radiologist and Nuclear Medicine Physician

Interests include multimodality functional imaging in oncology and neuro PET-CT.

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Manil Subesinghe

Dr Manil Subesinghe

Clinical Lecturer in PET Imaging and Honorary Consultant Radiologist

Research interests include the role of functional and molecular imaging in cancer with specific interests in the role of PET-CT in haematological malignancies (plasma cell dyscrasias and lymphoma) and oesophago-gastric malignancy. Co-author of the BTS guidelines for the investigation and management of pulmonary nodules.

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Sugama Chicklore

Dr Sugama Chicklore

Consultant in PET Imaging

Interests include use of PET/CT in thoracic and neuroendocrine malignancies and in hyperparathyroidism.

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Eliana Reyes

Dr Eliana Reyes

Clinical Lecturer in Cardiac PET Imaging

Interests include a multi-modality imaging approach to the non-invasive study of myocardial perfusion under physiological conditions and disease, and the evaluation of myopathic processes of the heart with PET-CT and PET-MRI imaging.

Research Profile

Malene Fischer

Dr Malene Fischer

Senior Clinical Lecturer and Consultant in Nuclear Medicine

Dr. Fischer has been doing research in the field of PET/CT and oncology since 2001. The common thread of her research is the exploration and implementation of functional imaging in diagnosing and treatment of patients with cancer including image guided radiotherapy planning.

Research Profile

Joemon John

Joemon John

Superintendent Radiographer

Interested in developing both clinical and research protocols as well as general imaging, novel tracers and radiation safety.

Expertise is also provided by clinical colleagues from Nuclear Medicine and Radiology:

  • Dr D Dasgupta
  • Dr F Ul-Hassan
  • Dr Z Viney
  • Dr A Eccles
  • Dr C Fowler
  • Dr S Kamat
  • Dr K Courtney